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Taking the responsibility of educating young talents, all the professors are anxious to teach, to provide all the knowledge they have in mind. We have been doing everything we can to improve our teaching modes and facilities. For our future development, we will innovate facilities, offering students more resources and a better learning environment. Also, to enhance our professional field and to assist students to understand the practical operation of theater, we will scrape up budget to build our own departmental building and practice factory. Besides, in order to connect with the world and to catch up with advanced countries, we will participate in the international theatrical affairs, exchanging experiences with those advanced countries.

1. To continue instilling students humanistic thoughts.
2. To culture students to be proficient in professional skills.
3. To inspire students』 creativity.
4. To endow students with skilled ability to get a theatrical related job.
5. To cultivate potential theatrical designers, helping them to step forward to the world.